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Here you can find what I'm currently working on for my clients for the month of March:

Manji Cosplay of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Digital-Inks-Progress by gnome-oo

Kaitlyn Full Body Inflation Pinup
Digital-Inks-Progress by gnome-oo

Ellen Olivia MacNamara, Space Hobbit Pinup/Character Picture
Digital-Inks-Progress by gnome-oo

Dominique Flattening Pinup
JoeAwesomeProgress by gnome-oo

Zatana wears Wonder Woman Dress TF Pinup
JoeAwesomeProgress by gnome-oo

Miranda the Balloon Witch Pinup
Concept by gnome-oo

Silk, the heroine of our story, leads a pretty interesting nightlife. You see, Silk is Dreamer: a rare individual who can shape the chimaera and midnight phantoms of Nod. She can sift through the dreams and fantasies of Sleepers, mastering their secret desires…

As they, in turn, transform her.

The Dreams of others can be a dangerous, filled with spectral pitfalls and twisted hobgoblins of desire, so she has learned (through the advice and tutelage of her guide, the Jester) to test those waters before plunging in. Dreams manifest in a spectrum, like any vision. If she saturates herself too much, she risks changing her dream form in unintended (and possibly embarrassing) ways.

This sleepy young woman, however meek she looks, is determined to become the greatest Dreamer that has ever waltzed in Nod. But the dance needs a dance floor, (and often a partner).

That's where you come in! As one who is sleeping, yours are the fields in which she gambols, so it's up to you and the strength of your secret fantasies, wishes and desires to test her mettle. And there may be no limited to how she is changed. Maybe it's a new dress that the Sleeper wants. Or a fantastic creature? Maybe still, she'd be take a new form: not flesh, but an inanimate object. 

She cannot help but be changed a bit when walking your dreams, but the stronger the influence you provide the more she will learn, retain and grow, so that in the next dream, with the next Sleeper, she will be that much more prepared, incorporating that which she knows to counter or augment what new afflictions she acquires. 

So it's to you, dear Sleepers, to influence her, to mold her, to shape her. Without your dreams, fantasies and secret kinks, she can learn nothing. Won't you invite her in? She's waiting for your hand…

Silk's Daydream is a sort of "Choose Your Own Change" chain story that allows you, the reader, to shape the path of Silk's story (and quite literally, her form) from Page to Page, Chapter to Chapter.

As Sleepers, it is your dreams and fantasies that Silk winds her way through, training to become a Master Dreamer. The influence you have over her will be depicted through the type of Dream you choose (see below); low influence will manifest in pencil / sketch artwork, higher influence will run into inks, gray scale and color art.

While the story is assuming your will as a Sleeper is being thrust upon Silk, in the real world that breaks down to monetary patronage (updated as of 2/14/15):
Patronage-Banner-Hazy-SMALL by gnome-oo

Patronage-Banner-Lasting-SMALL by gnome-oo

I chose the word "Patronage" rather than commission. While this is a collaborative story where you will be striving the catalyst of Silk's change, ultimately the degree of control over the drawings falls to me, which is why I can't call this a commission. This is also why the prices are lower than my standard commission levels are.

This character goes back a long time for me; her origins are in an old story of mine you can find on I hope you're as excited as I am to get started. This is an experiment, so the rules, prices and whatnot are in a state of flux; I already have plans for how you might add your own OC's to the story (after all, Silk is entering your dreams, why wouldn't they be there?) Once I'm ready to begin, I'll have links all over the place to the first page, as well as some suggestions for transformations (which I'm calling Foreshadowing).

See you all soon in Silk's Daydream!

Banner-Paypal by gnome-oo
Okay, first Homage! Called the Airealist, take a look!


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